Who we are

MTD is a healthy mix of young politicians and more familiar veteran leaders in local politics. The very first signatory to the party was none other than the former Vice President of Maldives, His Excellency Ahmed Adeeb Abdul Gafoor, who wrote the charter of the party in Jail in isolation. MTD presented its formal membership documentation to the Elections Commission with 3,333 members, who had joined the new party in a matter of weeks. We are delighted to report that the Party continues to receive tremendous support from across the country, especially from youth population which is the majority of the total population and we expect our formal membership to reach over 10,000 by the end of 2021, making MTD one of the largest political parties in Maldives by membership.


Our experiences since the onset of pluralism and the adoption of the new Constitution a decade ago lead us to believe that, being an infant democracy with weak institutions, the Third Way or centrism can present a better fit for the Maldives than the currently available centre-left or centre-right alternative. Social liberal principles coupled with a balanced focus on social equality, together with selective traditionalist objectives and free market policies would bring positive socioeconomic change to the Maldives. With an uncompromising attitude to the fundamental rights charter in the Constitution, along with a progressive foreign policy of bilateral and multilateral engagement with development partners and stakeholders, the Maldives Third-way Democrats (MTD) hope to work with the people of Maldives, while ensuring that constructive opposition is also given pride of place in our democracy. Free press, free assembly and the rights of women, labour rights and relations and prudent economic policymaking are enshrined values of MTD.

Our Vision

The vision to form MTD stems from a glaring absence of value-based democratic political parties in the Maldives. The contemporary political frontrunners in the country espouse neoliberal or neoconservative values in their Constitution, but the conduct of the senior leadership of these parties have led to a widening divide between them and the people. We are also deeply concerned by the growing apathy of the people in their political leaders. More often than not, the espoused values of these parties are compromised for shortsighted political alliances, and principles of democracy, good governance, tolerance and rule of law make way for corruption, nepotism, despotism and abuse of power.

Our Mission

As a newly formed party we are increasing our membership through networking and by promoting the party values in line with the ambitions of the young population of Maldives. The majority of this nation. 

We want to promote:

 * Democracy
* Freedom of Speech & Assembly
* Human rights
* Good governance
* The rule of law
* Individual liberty
* Egalitarianism,
* Free trade
* Multilateralism
* Tolerence
* Special Economic Zones to develop outer Atolls
* Climate change and Environment Protection