Third-Way Ideology

MTD is a political party registered in the Maldives on 27th December 2018.

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Lets build Maldivian dreams

MTD is a healthy mix of young politicians and more familiar veteran leaders in local politics.

The very first signatory to the party was none other than former Vice President of Maldives, H.E. Ahmed Adeeb Abdul Gafoor.

The charter of the party was written by Ahmed Adeeb himself, while he was in jail in isolation.


Third-Way is the way for Maldives

The Third-Way or Centrism can present a better fit for the Maldives than the currently available centre-left or centre-right alternative.

Social liberal principles coupled with a balanced focus on social equality, together with selective traditionalist objectives and free market policies would bring positive socioeconomic change to the Maldives.


This is what defines us 


The party was formally presented for registration with 3,333 members, who had joined the party in a matter of weeks.


The vision to form MTD sterns from a glaring absence of value-based democratic political parties in the Maldives.


As a newly formed party, we are increasing our membership though networking and promoting the party values.


Ahmed Adeeb Abdul Gafoor  

Former Vice President of Maldives

A leader in all aspects

Ahmed Adeeb is a Maldivian politican who served as the Vice President of Maldives.

Ahmed Adeeb is a Maldivian politican who served as the Vice President of Maldives. Adeeb is the architech of the PPM Government's ambitious Economic Manifesto. He also  played a key role in transforming the national economy. Adeeb is seasoned politician, and a youth icon admired by younger generations of Maldives.